日曜日, 12月 14, 2008

From Diana in Japan for Winter Solstice

Hi Beloved family,

I hope this finds you flowing with the love and light flowing through for this holiday season.I am currently on a tour of Japan giving workshops, events and sessions in Okinawa, Osaka, Hokkaido and Tokyo... and finding time to play for balance by going to spiritual power spots in these areas. There are three more events left before I return home on December 22 that I invite you to link in and join us and receive the energies pouring through.

Just figure out the time and date in your area on the web and if is the middle of the night in your area just ask your higher self to set its alarm clock and join us. In each event there will be personal and planetary healing, clearing and activations of the new codes of consciousness and energies of this time.

In Hokkaido on Dec. 14Th at 7pm a Spheres Activation & Initiation Event (this is an active service project for the Planet that accelerates one owns Evolutionary process - for more info check website )

In Tokyo on Dec.18Th at 7pm a Winter Solstice Celebration. We are opening a time portal to the date of the Solstice to bath in the Divine Love and Grace down pouring on that special day.

In Tokyo on Dec. 19Th at 7pm a Spheres Activation & Initiation Event.check out time and date in your area - Japan is a day ahead of the US.

Love and All Blessings to each of you for this holiday season and New Year.

Please check out many new high energy healing items to support your accelerated transformation in this time of change. Just starting to put new items on after much prompting so keep checking.

Consider a Gift Certificate for friends and loved ones for telephone sessions, workshops, CD, DVDs, Cosmic Activation Photos and High frequency healing technologies. I am back in Mt. Shasta on Dec. 22ND.

火曜日, 7月 08, 2008



I am writing you from Hokkaido Japan where the G8 summit is taking place starting today. I feel it is important to ask you all to please activate and open your Spheres and ask the Councils to support the members of the G8 Summit by sending love, harmony and high energy to raise the consciousness to create results and definite action now for the environment.

We choose to see action taken by the governments that will support the highest possibilities for the Earth and her people. We ask for alternative energy technologies such as solar be further developed and financially supported so we are not depleting the Earth of her fossil fuels. See many positive results and actions happening from this summit. Please continue to open your Spheres all this week as the Summit of world leaders goes on.

Please also ask the Spheres Councils to please assist in stopping the many serious wild fires all over California.

Thank you so much for your loving efforts.
Love and blessings to you all,


Many new things have been added to the website. Take a look and shortly many wonderful new photos will be placed on the blogs and website from this current workshop tour around Japan. I now have two blogs: one is through thelighteam.com website and the second is:the Spheres blog mostly in Japanese announcing all the Spheres monthly group meetings in Japan and people sharing is:www.geocities.jp/lovespheres/index.html

日曜日, 6月 15, 2008

Activate the Spheres to Assist Earthquake Victims

Hello Everyone,
I just read about the Earthquake that took place near Tokyo just hours ago where 6 people were killed and others are still missing.

Could you please send a group e-mail out to your lists asking people to activate the Spheres to immediately assist in whatever energies are needed for the souls and the Earth in this emergency.

I will work from this end with the Sphere Councils and e-mail the Spheres groups around this country.

Please pass this on to as many as possible. Thank you for your loving service. I will be flying to Tokyo early Tuesday morning and look forward to seeing many of you soon.

Love and Blessings to you all.


水曜日, 5月 28, 2008

Diana Returns to Japan!

Hello Everybody!

How are you beloveds? I am so looking forward to returning to Japan and seeing you all.

I am excited about sharing lots of new information, insights, activations and energy experiences that have come in over the last year. For many of you that have taken the "Spheres of Love" Initiation, this new workshop will deepen the experience and give you a broader understanding of the work.

Thank you for your dedicated work with the Earth - Know that each time you are opening the Spheres, not only are you speeding up your own evolutionary process and awakening but also making a great difference to the quality of life for many. This is such a powerful time of change and there is so much to share on how to work with the new energies coming into the Earth at this time! As Divine Beings in physical form, would you like to bring in more Mastery of your Manifestation Abilities? It is time to manifest our life and our world in a way that makes our hearts sing! It is time to fully say 'YES TO LIFE'!

Together with the Masters and Angels we clear what no longer serves you and your area of Japan and bring in the new energies, understandings and activate more of your Spiritual Mastery and Gifts for practical application in your work success and personal life relationships.

Please take a look at the link on my website http://www.thelighteam.com/japan.html to see new Magazine articles and Video, (Star People Magazine, Oct. 07 & Trinity Magazine, Oct. 07). I know you will enjoy them.

Your presence is important to me. I look forward to seeing and spending time with each of you.
With Love, Joy and Blessings,





現在は大きな変化の時ですので、今この時に地球上にやってきている新しいエネルギーにどのように取り組んでいく必要があるか、皆さんと多くシェアーをしていきたいと思います。肉体に宿っている聖なる存在として、自分自身の望むことへの“現実化”の能力を高めたいと思っていますか? 今こそ、私たちの心が奏でる人生と世界を現実化する時なのです!!!



From: Yurika

Hello Diana,

Please find our article attached.:



6/20(金) 夏至のイブニング 
6/25(水)愛のスフィアのイニシエーション 伝授つき!
場所:コスミックビジョンスペース2 時間:19:00~21:00

6/30(月)愛のスフィアのイニシエーション 伝授つき!
場所:福岡市内(決定次第連絡) 時間:19:00~21:00

7/4(金)七夕のイブニングイベント ソウルメイトやパートナーシップの出会いを深めます!
場所:産業振興会館 セミナールーム2 時間:19:00~21:00
7/5(土)マスタリー集中ワークショップ 料金:28000円(早割~5月末)
場所:産業振興会館 セミナールーム2 時間:13:00~18:00



〒153-0051東京都目黒区上目黒2-15-6 川鍋ビル5F

Thank you.

Kind regards,

Dynavision team/