日曜日, 7月 23, 2006

Back in Mt Shasta

Hi everyone!
I would like to say a warm hello to everyone. It was wonderful seeing you all on my last trip in Japan. We now have new Spheres groups of wonderful soul family in Fukuoka where we did an activation for about 120 people at the Spiritual Convention. and other events and activations in Ise. Osaka and another group again in Tokyo.So I am feeling prompted to as all of you (pass the word out to others that may not be going on the blog) to please open the Spheres for the Middle East fighting between Lebonon and Isreal as well as the North Korean Missle Testing. Thank you all for your caring effort. We can make a difference by our efforts with the Spheres.It is really sweet to be back in Mt.Shasta ... to touch and immerse myself in nature for a few days before I present to a group this coming Tuesday. I am going to sleep on the mountain tonight in a tent. I will beam you all lots of loving energies from Panther Meadow.
Lots of love, Diana

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火曜日, 7月 18, 2006

A Warm Hello!

A warm hello Beloveds,
How are you? How are you all doing since our evening workshops and sessions together? Are you using themeditations and breath practices? For those who were initiated into the Spheres of Love, have you beenopening and directing them to the service you feel is needed at the moment? What has been your experiences?Are you remembering to enjoy and bath in the energies yourself ... As each of you are integrating so manynew energies, are you remembering to nurture yourselves as well as drink lots of water and freshveggie juices with lots of greens?

I would love you to share with each other and hear each others experiences so I was thinking it would bea good idea to put your responses up on the blog I already have going and wait until you see the beautiful pictures we haveof you from the classes at Beloved' house ... it will be up shortly so keep an eye out for it at

So the blog is easy to do ... it is basically designed for easy interactive communications with in groups ...The e-mails are not directed to me, but to and with all of us equally, to share experiences, answerquestions, a sharing to and for each other and the larger spiritual soul family of people like yourself,all over the world that attended the Field of Possibility Event, Spheres Activation workshop orother events and like you, are on a path of Conscious Evolution and in loving, active service to the Earthand humanity. Many are opening the Spheres on a daily basis in different places of the Earth for what isneeded in their area as you will read in some of the sharings on the blog. If anyone is very computerliterate and is willing to field e-mails if others may need so assistance with getting on the blog for thefirst time please state so on the blog please.

I will be leaving to teach workshops in Japan as of June 19th for one month, returning on July 19th. I look forward to reading and sharing with you all on the blog. Also we will be putting up a testimonialpage on the new website in the next week, so if any of you have gone through some wonderful changes orexperiences at or after the workshops or through the CD, DVD's and Cosmic Activation Photos we would loveto receive it in an e-mail to share with others on the web site. Thank you beloveds for all the beautifuleffort you are making in service to the one heart ... and for your very special presence on the Planet.

With loving blessings to each of you,
Diana and the LighTeam

Spheres Workshop

This june 30th 7pm there will be a big Spheres workshop with many people and one of our focus is a balancing and healing of the grids and plates of the earth throughout the Pacific rim or Ring of Fire. It is an especially important time to send energy to this area since the earthquake in Thailand. Could you again please share this with the group and link in with us so we will have the Spheres energy opening in different spots around the world.
Please translate the Japanese Yukky San, so I can read what is being said. Thank you so much beautiful heart. How was Assisi pilgramage? Reiko, how is your spiritual website coming along?Look forward to your sharings.Much love,Diana

You are in my thoughts and heart

Hello Beloveds,It feels so good to be speaking with you again. Time is flying sooo fast and I have been so busy traveling and teaching and them when home working so much on several new projects that I have fallen behind on e-mails and touching in with the blog as much as I would like to. Just know you are in my thoughts and heart.How are you all doing? Have you been noticing all the new shifts in energies? Very strong and fast ... encouraging us to balance our lives, and ground ourselves as we bring our multi dimensionality to Earth.

One of the new projects is we are upgrading the website ... Many of you will see your photos and group events on the site as well as great travel photos and the cosmic activation photos, and you will be able to listen and see parts of the DVD and CD on the site and several other surprises. So keep an eye out for it. Also please share your experiences with the DVD & Cd, workshops as we will be putting a new testimonial page up on the web very soon.I am excited to return to Japan again soon - I arrive in Tokyo 20th June and look forward to being with you again. We will be doing gatherings ,Events and private sessions in several cities (all info on Dynavision website) starting with a summer Soltice Cermony on June 22. That will be a very special time for new beginnings and very worth preparing yourself for. I heard the event is sold out with a waiting list so I hope you booked early.We have decided to add another very special Spheres Activation and Initiation evening event sometime in the last week in June (check website for date) It appears that it is also booking up ... we will be covering new materials that have come in since the last Sphere event - and I hope many will join us and be activated to open the spheres which are so needed at this time to balance , lift and harmonize the energies of Japan and in support of their own assension and mastery. I understand we will also be doing a large integration of the codes and new frequencies that have been coming in the last few months as well as all that will open on the Soltice night. Those that have previously had Spheres activations will go into a deeper resonance, integration and understanding with the work. we will also be presenting a very special new workshop that I did in Australia called "Quantum Rejuvenation" , teaching "How to balance the Body and Soul in this time of great change". We will be doing a one day workshop in Quantum Rejuvenation in Osaka coming up (check web for date & info). Consider joining us in Osaka - there will be major clearing, upgrading and rejuvenation in all the body organs and cells. We will cover practical physical things that you will learn to do such as learn how to do deep level practices of de- toxing environmental pollutants and raising the frequency of the body through super foods, fasts, breath work, bath formulas. etc. as well as 5th Dimensional practices of infusion of light into the cellular structure to turn back the ageing process and support our process of ascension and mastery beloveds. Come play with us in Osaka if you can.A beautiful new Spheres group was just activated in Durham, No. Carolina in early May and from what I hear are being very active in opening them in airports, schools, etc. on a daily basis. I look forward to them sharing with us on the blog. With the large earthquake in Indonesia it is now more important than ever to get more Spheres groups activated to balance and harmonize the Earth grids and the Pacific Rim. Thank you Kanae for making the suggestion for all of us to direct the Spheres to support that part of the world. It is a great idea.Thank you all beautiful ones for all your precious service and in your constant focus to awaken your mastery and love.I send waves of love to each of you, Blessings, Dianawww.thelighteam.com
1:08 AM

Warm loving embrace to you all,Much of what was written definitely requires further comment, but it is after 4am in morning and I am packing and traveling in early morning from the country/beach area towards the city SO this needs to be very brief. Much to share soon and what you are sharing Yukie and Reiko is ... what can I say but wow! You both sound and feel radiant and in midst of great creativity and change.It has been hard to get hooked up to internet while traveling ... soon I will stop, be and create.At the end of this month my interview with Star People magazine comes out. Also 50 DVD's were just shipped to Rainbow Angels ... their stock was sold out since I left and the new batch just got done. May they bless many. May the heart of the Divine continue to embrace you all as you so beautifully channel the Spheres to bless Earth.
9:42 AM
Diana said...
It is so beautiful to read all of your sharings. How are you beloveds? I will need to be brief or I will go deaf with the loud music in the internet place I am currently writing this from! Today was one of the hottest days I remember in my life - now I know what they mean about the Australian summer... I was inland today in beautiful countryside with very green rolling hills but away from the ocean breezes I have gotten used to. It was certainly wonderful to jump into the ocean on my way back to Byron.I moved into a wonderful place for the month on about 40 acres ... the structure I have rented is in what they call the bush and the first night I moved in there was a 5 foot python snake on the roof that covers the veranda or deck with the end of its tail sticking down through the slat. They just announced they are closing So I want to wish everyone a most beautiful holiday season ... may it be filled with love, grace and blessings of the Divine blessing each of you, your families and this dear Earth. Thank you all for the very special work you are doing with the Spheres ... sending your blessings and love. May you each receive your fondest heart wishes throughout the coming year. Open to the inflow of Christ enegies pouring in at this time.My love, blessings and lots of hugs to each of you. Thank you for being such a joy in my life, Diana
12:29 AM

A Wonderful Time for Inner Work

Diana said...
Dear Yukie, It is also wonderful for me to be able to be in touch with you and the news of the group so easily on this blog and of course, with your fine translation.I am so happy to hear of the Spheres group gathering on the llth. That will be a very powerful day to meet , share and support each other and do group planetary work. The following day will be the 1212 where many all over the world will be gathering in group for planetary work and ceremony. So the following day is a good day as well for everyone to open and work with and direct the spheres.This month will be a great anchoring of the Christ light pouring into humanity and the Earth. Such a wonderful time for inner work - to give and receive and support the planetary process of ascension. Please let our beautiful sister Reiko know about the blog and the gathering. Also please call Myumi and let her know about the gathering as well so she can join in. Please ask the group to share on the blog about their experiences when they open the spheres at home and also I would like to hear about the shifts and expansion in consciousness people are experiencing. Remember to say YES TO LIFE! (thought that would make you smile)Hugs and loving blessings to you and all,Diana
6:15 AM

A Quick Note From Australia

Diana said...
Hi Everyone,Just a quick note from Australia to let you know I am thinking of you all and would love to hear more about how you are experiencing working with the Spheres and the lovely shifts going on within yourself. I am taking some relaxation time ... went to a waterfall yesterday and am dashing off to swim at the ocean. I will take you all in with me for dolphin play.Hugs & loving blessings,DianaThank you beautiful Yukie for the translation ... how did the gathering go ... would love to hear
5:45 PM